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Weather Stop Roofing™ is growing and hiring!  If you are considering a roofing career, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the ropes of the roofing industry from some of Cincinnati’s most skilled roofers.

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What’s It Like Being A Roofer?

You can expect to work long days installing, replacing and repairing roofs during our busy season which lasts from late spring through early fall.  Since we work outdoors, there will be days where you will be expected to work in cold or hot conditions.  Sometimes we even need to work in the rain!

Shingles are heavy.  Please expect to lift up to 70 pounds while climbing a ladder to get on the roof!

If you are afraid of heights, this may not be the career for you!  There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are afraid of heights, but it is not something you want to deal with if you are going to be climbing up on roofs on a daily basis.

What We Are Looking For In An Employee

If you have prior experience in the roofing industry, that could be a plus assuming you were taught correctly!

Experience is not required, we are ready to train you to properly install and repair roofs of all types.

The thing we look for the most in the people we hire is that their morals and values align with ours.  We are looking for positive people that are willing to learn!

If you think you might be a good fit and would like to join the team at Weather Stop Roofing™, please contact us today to discuss starting pay, wages, and other expectations.

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